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 Susan Springer has been drawn to the ceramic arts, including tile, sculpture, pottery and mosaics since the early 1970’s. Expanding the form and surface, creating unexpected combinations of edge, form and texture, continue to intrigue her as she works in her studio at Illahe Studios.     more

Compass Rose, North Mountain Park Nature Center

Developing site specific artworks for public spaces, schools, hospitals, private residences and parks has become an important part of  Sue Springer’s major work.  Interior and exterior murals, walls and benches are just a few of the ways to express an organization’s mission or style.

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Public Art Mosaics

“Shadow Dancer” sculptural mosaic in painted wood frame 26.5 ” h x 18.5 ” w

Sculptural Mosaics

Combining ceramic elements with cut and broken mosaic pieces, these sculptural mosaics are assembled with colorful glazed surfaces and textured pieces. The figure, expressing movement and color, combines  the traditional method of mosaic using broken ceramic and glass with pieces expressly created.

“Dancing with the Man in the Pinstriped Pants” ceramic sculpture


Sue Springer creates quirky ceramic sculptures which are mostly figurative, with a whimsy and freedom of unexpected combinations. ​ Dreams, imagination and wonder combine with a response to the current world to tell the stories of these figures.

The handbuilt clay figures are constructed in parts, and in series, often with several heads or feet constructed and combined after firing. Little niches and drawers may reveal beads or buttons, artist books or feathers, odd hairdos or apples or birds, many birds. A figure may join another family, hats might appear and disappear; surprises are always embraced.​

“I never quite know how they will evolve, sometimes one figure ends up on a chair originally planned for another, a red apple falls into the basket upon a surprised head or a birds nest is woven into the hands of a figure entitled “When Women Were Birds”.

Each figure generates a new possibility, which often shows up in the next. It remains a mystery.”

The human figure, particularly the curve of the shoulder, the angle of the hip or the turn of the head creates a story of interaction and line.  “The Dancers” celebrate the figure with colorful clothing, white gloved hands and flowing hair, in a whimsical three dimensional style.  The seated figures might be resting, carrying a heavy burden and refer to the harvest, carrying fruit and vegetables in from the fields.

The fish sculpture might fool the eye, appearing in a creek as if swimming upstream, the forces of nature pulling at the ceramic forms.

Moonlit Sea Kitchen


The tiles create an opportunity to create beauty and art in a functional, durable setting.  Sue Springer’s tilework, created in the Illahe studio, is high fired and custom designed.  Handpainted murals, sculptural mosaics and custom glaze formulation are  specialties. Contact Sue Springer for something extraordinary to enhance your home or business.



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