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Holding a Spool of Red Thread

“Holding A Spool of Red Thread” is a tall figure with mosaic ceramic elements on the skirt/base.
Duality in the features, themes of spirals and possession mark this whimsical piece.

20″ h.       $1600.

Regal Three from the series “Families Belong Together”

A three part sculpture, “Regal Three”, depicts a large colorfully patterned figure holding a bundle with two smaller figures as part of the”Families Belong Together” series. In response to the separations at the US and Mexican border, this series deals with the vulnerability of immigrants.

19″ h x 9″ w (three pieces)           $1800

Mosaic Monk

The “Mosaic Monk” features glass mosaic on his robe, in the style of Moroccan tile or rug patterns.  Inspired by an artist trip to Morocco in 2018, this simple figure sparkles with colorful glass.

14.5″ h               $900.  SOLD

We Three from the series “Families Belong Together”

“We Three”, part of the series “Families Belong Together”, features three figures joined into a single piece.  Referencing the bonds that hold families together and the necessity of physical contact between members of the family, it speaks to the damage done to the individuals if these bonds are broken.

13″ x 8″ x 6″              $1200

What is the World Coming To?

This quirky figure wonders “What is The World Coming To” with an expression of surprise.

12.5″ h                                     $400  SOLD

Moroccan Mosaic

Inspired by a journey to Northern Morocco, this sculpture features glass mosaic in Moroccan rug patterns.
17″ h                                           $1600.

Holding it Together

Large colorful sculpture combines pattern and color
18″ h                                  $1800  SOLD

Hidden Messages

“Hidden Messages” features small niches containing treasures hidden and revealed.

18″ h.             $1600

Love in the Secret Drawer

Crystal Globe from the series “The World in the Palm of My Hand”

This tall sculpture, “Crystal Globe” features a figure gazing into a crystal globe with a black and white glass mosaic base/robe.  From the series “The World in the Palm of My Hand” speaks to our responsibility to care for the earth in this time of climate change.

21″ h                                  $1800

"Yellow Bird Heart"ceramic Sculpture     "Yellow Bird Heart" ceramic sculpture

The “Yellow Bird Heart” figurative ceramic sculpture features a red clay figure seated on a glossy decorated box.  It measures 20″ h. x 11″ w. x 8″ d.  The yellow bird peeks out from the inset heart box. The contrast of the natural clay surface and the decorated teal green glazed box recall a past era.  $1100

Thinking of Home ceramic sculpture     Thinking of Home ceramic sculpture    thinking of home detail

This figurative ceramic sculpture is entitled “Thinking of Home”. It depicts a whimsical figure seated on a black and white polka dot box with the word “Home” stamped above the hat brim at the back.  Measuring 21″ h x 8″ w x 8″ d, this handbuilt sculpture holds a tiny bud vase in her lap and a house and tree on her hat.  $1100  SOLD

Red White and Blue Chair     Red White and Blue Chair back

The two part sculpture “Red White and Blue Chair” contrasts a white figure on a dark cobalt blue chair. Tucking a bright red bird behind her left arm, she eyes a bluebird on her shoulder.  Sculpture measures just under 16″ h x 7″ x 7″.  $700  SOLD

Woman of the Corn       Woman of the Corn

The ceramic torso “Woman of the Corn” honors the curve of the hip and the soft line of the waist with ears of corn placed as a decorative necklace and leaves as the skirt detail.  This sculpture measures  24″ tall x 10″ w x 6″ d.  $250

Raven Seated     Raven Seated

A black raven perched on a whitewashed chair  creates the ceramic sculpture “Raven Seated”.  Measuring 19′ h  x 10″ w  x 6″ d. the two part sculpture combines memory and dream in a whimsical work of art.  $800  SOLD

Red Raven     Red Raven

“Red Raven” has had a couple of previous lives, the mosaic elements on the body of the figure came from a previous piece which was broken to make the fabric like clothing.   On the polka dot box, the figure cradles a black raven, contrasting against the white figure and the colorful mosaic. Measures 21″ h  x 9″ w x 9″ d.  $900  SOLD

kimono series     Kimono series

From the Kimono Series, this torso incorporates a graceful sleeve into the study of shoulder hip and waist. 23″ h  $250


“Girl with Mandolin; One Hundred Years”   is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s painting which was painted in 1910.  This ceramic sculpture, in matte textures, measures 20″ h. x 10″ w. x 8″ d.  Handbuilt from stoneware clay slabs, this piece plays with the cubist concept of intersecting plane, line and field.

20″                        $1100


“Basket of Dreams” is a ceramic sculpture with a seated figure on a terracotta style floor.  This 20″h.  x 13″w.  x 10″d.  figure holds a basket with cloud forms, reminiscent of a South American harvest worker.

20″    $1100


“The Man in the Pinstriped Pants” is a ceramic sculpture in the “Abstract Dancers” series.
Bright glossy reds against a black “pinstriped” tuxedo contrast with the white gloves and auburn hair.  The sculpture measures 25″ h x  11″ w. x  7″ d.       $1100


“En la Vina” ceramic sculpture  20″ h.  x 12″ w. x  12″d.  SOLD


“Heaven’s Reach”  sculpture  27″ h x 10″ w  x 8″ d.  This tall ceramic figure reaches for the light and perhaps more.


Salmon Sculpture  28″ l x 12″ h x 10″ w

private commission NFS

Steelhead sculpture, custom installation consisting of 13 life sized steelhead salmon installed in creek.

private commission NFS

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