The Great Seal, Lucky Seven Casino

The “Great Seal of the Tolowa Deeni Nation” is a combination of handmade tile, mosaic and relief borders.  The circular logo measures six feet in diameter and is installed directly into the sidewalk at the main entrance to the Smith River Casino inSmith River,California.  The colors and images in the mural were adapted to complement the redwood and stone building that houses the casino, which is located on the northernCaliforniacoast.  Elements of the land, sea and rivers are represented, and the border echoes the friendship weave pattern used in Native American basketry from this part of the Pacific coast.

Beginning with the Tribal logo of the Tolowa Deeni Nation, the Native American tribe which owns and operates the casino, Susan Springer and Illahe Tileworks worked closely with Tribal Elders and building architects to design the mural.  The artisans at Illahe then manufactured the mural inAshland,Oregon, over a period of several months, and transported it to the site for installation.

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