The Art of Inocente…prints available at the gallery

  Exciting news at the gallery for April! The prints of  Inocente, the subject of an Academy Award winning film will be available at the gallery during the weekend of the Ashland Independent Film Festival April 5-7.  Inocente will be in the gallery for the First Friday Art Walk.  The film will be shown at … Continue reading

Plaza Mosaic moves forward

  The Plaza project is moving forward, the slabs are complete, freeing up some space for the layout to begin.  The colorful wave forms will be set to a tile mesh, with mosaic elements interspersed between. Deep greens, light blues, golds, terra cotta, greys and moss integrate into a ceramic frieze of flow and movement. … Continue reading

March update City of Ashland Plaza Project

  The slabs are stacking up in the studio,  greens and golds, terra cotta and blue, glossy and matte.  They are ready to go to the waterjet cutting company to be made into the “waves”. After being cut, the waves will be laid out with mosaic, between and around the tiles. All the elements will be laid out on … Continue reading