“Between the Rivers” City of Springfield

The “Between the Rivers” mural measures 7’ x 14’ and was custom-designed for the City of Springfield, Oregon by Susan Springer and Illahe Tileworks.  The mural depicts a map of the city, with softy glazed tile pieces representing areas within the city limits and unglazed tile (natural clay color) showing outlying areas.  It is permanently installed outside city council chambers for public viewing.

The staff at Illahe Tileworks has successfully completed a number of site-specific commissions, as well as public and private art projects, which required close collaboration with others — from college and hospital administrators to public agency staff.  As a contractor licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors board, Susan Springer has had extensive experience with design, fabrication and installation of similar projects across the United States.  With a strong background as builder and artisan, she has collaborated with architectural and construction teams, solving technical issues as they arise.

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