Community Health Center Donor Recognition

Community Health Center, Medford OR, Donor Recognition

The remodeling of the  Community Health Center in Medford OR was undertaken with great support of the community in southern Oregon.  With clinics in Ashland, Medford, White City and Butte Falls as well as Eagle Point, Butte Falls and Ashland High School Health Centers, the Medford facility had long outgrown their small facility.

As the 40th anniversary of the Community Health Center approached, the $3.5 million, 10,792-square-foot clinic at 19 Myrtle St. was remodeled to feature 15 examination rooms, a community conference room, expanded laboratory facilities, individual and group health counseling rooms, and improved parking, clinic officials said. “It’s been a dream for a number of years,” said clinic Marketing Director Karen Elliott. “I am so proud of that clinic, and I’m so proud of that staff.”

In order the recognize the strong support of the community, Susan Springer was contacted to help design a donor Recognition Panel and individual room tiles to honor specific donors and celebrate the beautiful natural beauty of our Southern Oregon home.

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