Recology Recycled Materials Mosaic

Recology mosaic

Recycled mosaic For North Mountain Park and Recology Ashland Sanitary Service  Ashland, Oregon

This mosaic was created entirely of material retrieved from the waste stream to create an exterior sidewalk base.  Glass bottles, keys, bicycle parts, gears, nuts and bolts, glass,  bottle tops, padlocks, bricks and many other random materials were included.  The mosaic was envisioned to increase access and visibility for recycling containers.

The purpose of the mosaic/cement slab is tomake the recycling bins more convenient and user friendly, in a more central location near the bike path.  It also makes the area more attractive and informational.  The end result is to change the way we think of trash and recyclables.

site photo with cement pad
cement pad poured by City of Ashland Parks Department

It is only trash if that is what you call it”

Ashland Daily Tidings  Recycled Revelation

Recology detail
detail photo by Pam Lott Photography
photo by Pam Lott photography
photo by Pam Lott Photography
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