Girl, Boy, Girl « Blogging Ashland

Medea/ Macbeth/Cinderella  at OSF Having the most fascinating discussions in the gallery with tourists and locals about this production.  Can’t wait to see it very interesting remarks on blogging ashland Girl, Boy, Girl « Blogging Ashland.

Flavorwire » 10 Crazy and Unusual Book Designs

cookbooks you can eat? books you have to destroy to read? Books you plant after reading or books about coffee made of coffee residue? Flavorwire » 10 Crazy and Unusual Book Designs.

“Joe’s Journal” on KOBI 5 NBC featuring Sue Springer and Illahe Studios and Gallery

At close glance it may look like a random mix of broken tiles…but pull your focus back just a little and you can see the  intricate shape take form…take a step back for a final broad view and then you can see Susan Springers work of art. Springer says. “I’ve worked with ceramics for about … Continue reading