“Joe’s Journal” on KOBI 5 NBC featuring Sue Springer and Illahe Studios and Gallery

At close glance it may look like a random mix of broken tiles…but
pull your focus back just a little and you can see the  intricate shape take form…take a step back for a final broad view and then you can see Susan Springers work of art. Springer says. “I’ve worked with ceramics for about 30 years, i started throwing pots in grad school then worked into mosaics and into public works of art.”  Sue works out of here shop in downtown Ashland…it’s a place to both view the art and see how it all comes together.  Springer says “so people can come in and talk to me and I sell right off the table so someone can pick it up when it’s ready and it lets them see the work involved.  Her projects may start with  similar materials, but how they end up varies greatly.   This compass in North Mountain Park, is part of her commissioned public work. “This is neat someone can stand on it they can actually see where it points to the different rivers and mountains in the area.”  Springer can also take an vision you have…or perhaps a photograph and turn it into a ceramic piece that completes a room in your home.  “I always wonder who will see it and how it will effect them. I wonder if down the line what they will see and maybe changes their life”  At Illahe Studios sue also shares the art work of others…all the sights and sounds come together to make it an artistic home.

Illahe Studios and Gallery on NBC



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