Arts and Crafts Style mosaic for apartment entry

  Getting ready to move the mosaic into place, based on an Arts and Crafts Style, will be bordered by a black 2 inch border…

The Year of the Horse

For the month of February we celebrate the Lunar “Year of the Horse”.  In honor of the noble steed, I offer “Equus 2120”, a post apocalyptic ceramic sculptural horse, and “The Eleventh Hour”, a steed with a particularly good sense of time. Come join us in the Gallery for “The Year of the Horse”  with … Continue reading

Medford’s Greyhound Portal complete!

The Historic Medford Greyhound Bus Arch restoration is complete! As part of the Lithia Motors corporate Headquarters  “The Commons” development in Medford, Oregon, the building which served as the Greyhound Bus Station was demolished.  However a large rectangular “arch” has been  preserved to create a Portal within the Park blocks for the Commons.  Large enough … Continue reading

Henry the Helman Dragon

Helman Elementary School sign is complete; Henry the Helman Dragon is permanently attached to the new sign. with expert assistance by the Janeways, a Helman School family

Helman Elementary School Sign

Henry the Helman School Dragons are ready to install in the new sign for Helman Elementary School in Ashland. A new sign was recently built in front of the neighborhood school.  The cement sign was designed with recessed ovals to place the colorful ceramic dragons in tennis shoes.

Recology Recycled Mosaic….. Recycled Revelation Recycled Revelation By Vickie Aldous Ashland Daily Tidings  Posted: 2:00 AM April 19, 2013 Ashland showed that almost anything can be turned into art with an unveiling this week of the town’s first 100 percent recycled-content public art mosaic. Garbage and recycling company Recology Ashland Sanitary Service commissioned Ashland artist Sue Springer to create the ground-level mosaic … Continue reading

New Ashland Plaza

New Ashland Plaza. Ausland Group was honored to do the reconstruction of Ashland’s core public gathering space, its downtown Plaza.  It was completed on schedule, in time for the public dedication April 5, 2013 and in time to welcome the attendees of the Ashland Film Festival ( held that weekend.  The design and materials for the … Continue reading

Ashland Plaza Public Art Update

The studio is full of wet slabs these days, giving my trusty slab roller a good workout.  It is interesting how wet clay has been formed for centuries, a little more mechanized than a rolling pin, not by much.  The slabs go through the firing cycle  are  glazed and high fired. These fired tiles will … Continue reading

Artist Mark Oliver creates Mosaic “Book” sculpture to honor Joaquin Miller

Northern California artist Mark Oliver has created a monumental tribute to the poet Joaquin Miller in a McCloud California park.  Extraordinary combination of the written word, history, poetry and art. Artist creates tribute to Joaquin Miller in McCloud see link:

Community Health Center

The Community Health Center in Medford Oregon has just completed a major renovation and expansion of their facility which enables them to serve many more members of the community. In an effort to honor the many community supporters and donors who have made the clinic possible, the Center commissioned Sue Springer to create a ceramic mural in handmade relief tile … Continue reading