City of Ashland approves Public Art for the Plaza

color ceramic concept

color ceramic concept

Glaze colors selected for project

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City of Ashland; Downtown Plaza project

I envision a colorful ceramic frieze along the base of the new seat walls in the revitalized Downtown Plaza.  The artwork would be made of interlocking curvilinear forms with bright mosaic elements breaking up the pattern.  The historic Plaza has always functioned as a gathering place, encouraging movement of passers-by, inviting them to stop, meet friends and connect with others. With this installation, the artwork speaks to the flow of the creek, movement of people and passing time. By incorporating themes of movement, flow and color, we are invited in and the view is enlivened both from a distance and as moving through Ashland’s “Living Room”.

The location of the seat walls creates a unique challenge, with the long horizontal spaces which measure approximately 18 inches in height; the ceramic frieze would provide a glimpse of color as entering the space from any direction.  Traditionally artwork is viewed at eye-level and the viewer is drawn to the color and composition while standing.  In this case, the artwork would be viewed across the Plaza and must be very durable and able to withstand weather and heavy use, while providing color and texture.

The new Plaza redesign includes abundant seating possibilities, inviting visitors and locals to take a moment, take a seat, to relax and watch the life of the community pass by.

I imagine the Plaza redesign would create an atmosphere that is inviting and welcomes families and friends to linger, in a rich public space enlivened by the colorful ceramic frieze.


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